structural biology meets bacterial physiology


cm2 awarded a JPI-EC-AMR for the project "Fighting antibiotic- resistant superbugs" 2019-2021

The new cryo-TEM is up and running!!!


Publication in Science Ad. : Garcia-Pino's team in collaboration with researchers from VUB and KUL show the regulation of EF-Tu by phosphorylation (Talavera et al. 2018 Science Ad).

C. Rousseau and T. Schlechtweg awarded a FRIA schoolarship

Albinas and Lucia joined cm2!

TA modules have just been re-assessed!

Publication in mBio. : Van Melderen's team in collaboration with researchers from the University of Tartu and Umeå University showed that the 10 E. coli TAs thought to be involved in persistence are actually not, debunking the general notion that  the induction of TA modules is linked to persistence to antibiotics (Goormaghtigh et al. 2018 mBio).

Publication in Nat. Chem. Biol. : CM2 discovered how  the transcription of ataRT is regulated (Jurènas et al. 2019. Nat. Chem. Biol.)

Publication in NAR. : Garcia-Pino's team in collaboration with URBM Namur, showed how  ppGpp hydrolysis is regulated by a phosphorelay in C. crescentus  (Ronneau et al. 2019. NAR)


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full list in PubMed